The programs

CIM talks

The CIM talk series highlights innovative, new research that elucidates some aspect of how minds interact. Invited speakers join us from all over the world—in person or virtually—to share their latest methods and findings. Our aim is to sample widely across methods and fields (e.g., hyperscanning, social network analysis, cross-cultural studies, and natural language processing of conversation) to achieve a broad view of the research frontier.


SLAB (short for Social Lab) is a biweekly meeting interleaved with the CIM talk series. SLAB is a place where CIM-affiliated grad students, post-docs, and lab managers informally present in-progress work with the goal of receiving timely and constructive feedback from the larger CIM community. We find that helping each other think through ideas and analyses in the earliest stages of the scientific process not only strengthens individual projects but seeds inter-lab collaboration and creates a deep and distributed network of shared knowledge.


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